Soulful Guitar Tone

The Bizarre Violine has a very warm and organic sound that always cuts through the mix both live and in the studio. It has a really unique voice, unique sound, but at the same time stays true to the sound of your fingers, instrument and guitar controls. It gives incredible sustain, harmonics and overtones.

You can completely control the amount of saturation just by using your playing dynamics. It’s easy to achieve beautiful high gain or low gain tones by adjusting your guitar controls, dynamics or the gain knob. It responds and is more sensitive than any previous amplifier or pedal. Check the demos below!


Studio Quality EQ

Our EQ is very musical and sounds always good, even at extreme settings! The Bass control lets you dial how big you want your cab or combo to sound like. The Mid control lets you not only adjust the overall tone to your particular amplifier but it also enables you to have ultimate control on how vocal you want your tone to be. The High knob adjusts the overall brightness adding or cutting “air”.


Clean Control

The Clean knob allows you to add the clean signal back to the distorted signal. It mixes the pedal input signal with the saturated signal. Please note that the EQ only has an effect on the saturated signal.

At moderate settings, it gives great note attack and definition and allows for dual amp style layering effect if used with boost or overdrive. Higher settings sound great on bass guitar where this clean parallel chain lets you add grit and compression, making it sound really big on the mix or for solos.

Great for unique bass and guitar sounds!


Precise Control

All Controls have 10 detents so that you can easily and precisely recall your favorite settings and quickly setup before a gig. You can, of course, use the in between positions of the detents.


Pedal Connect System

Our Pedal Connect System allows the ON/Bypass state to be remotely controlled by devices like the upcoming Bizarre Midi Switcher or even a simple self-made on/off switch.

Another feature it brings is that if you use the footswitch as normal it works as expected, but if you keep holding/pressing the switch down it will enter a nonlatching mode. This means that if the effect was initially OFF it will turn ON and stay ON only for as long as your foot is pressing down the switch. The contrary is also true.

This is great for accentuating short parts and avoids a lot of footswitch control dance!


True Bypass

It is 100% True Bypass and uses a very high-quality relay that will last a lifetime. This heavily reduces the switching popping noise and the loud mechanical “clunk” associated with normal switches. No more pedal switching tap dance or broken switches!


Other features:
  • Can be powered using a standard 9 or 12V power adapter, 2.1mm center negative
  • Consistent performance gig after gig, no matter what power supply you use or if the ambient temperature is hot or cold
  • Bright LED that is always visible, even in direct sunlight or on bright stages
  • Low battery indicator -if the LED starts to blink you have one hour of battery life left
  • If the supply voltage drops to a very low level the pedal will switch to Bypass mode
  • Reverse polarity protection: It simply won’t power up, protecting itself
  • Overvoltage Protection: if the LED blinks really fast, please disconnect the faulty power supply
  • Designed and built like a tank, it will last a lifetime
  • Proudly Made in Portugal, Europe

Check the videos below, you can listen how it sounds when played with a Strat, ES-335 and Les Paul type guitars and even with our own “JP – Bizarre Signature” and the 7 String JP Custom Midi Nylon guitar!

Thank you for choosing Bizarre!

It took us many years and research to build the Violine, we hope you like it and have an enjoyable playing experience!