Why Bizarre?


Is it Bizarre…

…to be launching another line of seemingly endless varieties in guitar pedals?

…to assume and even claim that this is the one standing out against them all?

While we think there is no “just another” in the world of sound and to the ways there are to express yourself, our aim is to give you a tool that will make you find your sound.

The Violine is a versatile instrument for itself, playing along with you and widening your tone and possibilities.


And is it Bizarre

…that after more than half a century of racing technological development, guitar players and sound enthusiasts still need to rely on vintage technology for their best tone?

We love vintage tone, too. But we think the way to get there can be different.

Our mission is not to copy closely glorious old schematics along with sourcing “NOS” parts to replicate the sound.

Our idea is to go beyond by using advanced and state of the art engineering to achieve the outstanding performance you are looking for and with this, bring guitar technology to another level.

Everything we build is designed and tested to incredibly high standards, has a very robust construction and will give you consistent performance all the time – every show, rehearsal, at home or studio session.


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All beyond Vintage!